5 Best Mobile Apps for Income Tax Return Filing And Due Date

The current fiscal year has just begun, and you will soon be able to register your income tax return. New forms have only been issued by the government as people gear up to launch the ITR filing process. Many people take advantage of Chartered Accountants because they are not well enough in the tax-filing system. However, by taking assistance from separate dedicated digital networks, there are individuals who file their ITR themselves. In a couple of minutes, there are many websites and smartphone applications that can support you file your taxes. This not only saves time but also makes the method of ITR filing hassle-free.

Five smartphone applications that will support you file your ITR on the go are here:


Also, among the most commonly used applications is the ClearTax tool. To ease the filing of your ITR, it also lets you upload your Form 26AS and Form 16. This software helps consumers to enter tax information despite being offline. When the customer goes online, these data are immediately synced with the Simple Tax server. You will file your ITR using its features, check your Income Tax Refund Status with your PAN number & date of birth, measure the Income Tax for the existing and next financial year (as per the latest amendments in the budget), and produce rent receipts to receive HRA benefits.

Tally For GST

Tally is an existing provider of applications for accounting in India. They are also registered with GSTN as one of the GSPs. Through their GST smartphone app, Tally has done a marvelous job. This software is tidy, easy to use, and ad-free. The material quality is indeed very strong, and each article is written in plain language. You can read about GST, its industry effects, recent news, and events. The most honorable app of the present bunch is this one. I’m sure they’re going to keep it updated. On both Android and iOS platforms, the Tally for GST application is open.

Tax Smile

The app Tax Smile is built to provide self-help. It frames intuitive issues that have been generated with in-depth consideration of tax law specifics. Tax Smile offers tax awareness, precision, speedy filing, confidentiality, and support for post-filing. And after income tax is filed, can the app measure taxes owed for free and fees.

GST Bill Hindi

We could include this in the GST mobile app list, as most Indian companies speak Hindi. This app would inform you of the effect on your company in plain language. When GST is introduced, you will work out what’s going to be inexpensive and what would be pricey. For Hindi-speaking company owners who want to get a simple idea about GST, this app is fine. Unfortunately, there isn’t much news, and the commercials are a bit distracting.

As much of the content is static, we expect the developers can keep updating this app. You can install it from both Android and the Apple Store.

H&R Block

To file your income tax returns, you can also use the H&R Block MyBlock app. If your ITR is complicated, it often assigns tax experts, and you find it hard to register. A safe tax vault, tax benefits, a hassle-free filing experience, consistency, and clarity are supported by H&R Block. You can also upload and display your completed return and review your e-file status with your tax records on it.


There are basic software/apps designed by company owners for accounting. You will produce gorgeous invoices, document costs, and update data ready for taxation. To give you a streamlined GST filing experience, these applications have already collaborated with GSPs.