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We also provide ecstatic services for employees Provident Fund. With timely execution and complete responsibility we provide excellent employment provident fund services in India. As per Provident Fund Act, every establishment whose number of employees exceeds the specified minimum number of employees and below whose salary is below the specified amount, will have to deduct at a specified rate mentioned in the Act and deposit the same along with the employer share which is equivalent to the amount deducted from the employee’s salary.

Our Provident Fund Service covers the following :

  • Calculation of Monthly deduction of PF and ESI, employees share as well employer share.
  • Timely Deposition of the amount so calculated.
  • Timely Preparation and submission of returns.
  • Reconciliation of challans Vs balances in books of accounts.
  • Ensuring the whole compliance of the Act.
  • Transfer or Withdrawal of PF amount at the time of leaving of the employees.