What Are The Things Every Aspiring CA Should Be Aware Of?

You must have heard about people pursuing and studying to become a CA. A stereotype of the world is being a CA requires a lot of effort and dedication. Apparently, it is not easy to get through the test. That being said, there are a lot of CA in Gurgaon. CA or Chartered Accountant is an international accounting position that is provided to professionals who are working with accounting across the globe.

The responsibility of a CA is extravagant. There are a lot of fields that require giving advice, conducting audits. They are considered trustworthy by most businesses to handle their accounts and finances. They also look into the taxes and the profits or losses through transactions and sales. Professional CA in India work in forensic accounting, business recovery, and insolvency among other things.

Things you should know if you want to be a CA

Being a CA is one of the most ambitious professions ever. Students are working towards becoming a CA in Gurgaon for years. But no matter how long have you been thinking about it, you should ensure that you know everything about it. There are a lot of responsibilities that come when you enroll in a CA college, therefore; here are some things that you should keep in mind before building expectations:

There are three levels of tests

Ideally, every CA College has a lot of procedures that involve becoming a CA in India. The course is for 5 years along with semester exams as usual. Every CA student has to go through three different tests to make it to the top. They are CPT or Common Proficiency Test, IPCC, or integrated Professional Competence Course. Finally, there is the final exam that determines the fate of the aspiring student.

It is not easy to crack the test

As already mentioned, there are three levels of tests to become a CA in Gurgaon. Becoming a CA comes with huge responsibilities and thus the colleges ensure that they train their students for the worst. Hence the tests are not usually the easiest tests to pass. This especially goes out to the CPT test or one of the first tests of fate. Hence you ought to make sure that you train yourself and study well enough to pass through.

The syllabus is huge

Finally, there are a lot of components that involve in proving that you are a reliable and responsible CA. Moreover, there are various positions that fall under becoming a CA. that being said; when you are studying you will be needed to cover all the aspects. Thus, make sure that you are prepared for a raining and raging syllabus along with drowning assignments.


Becoming a CA is something that a lot of students aspire. Ever since they are asked to choose a specialization in school, students promise their career towards becoming a CA in India. Hopefully, the above mentioned pointers helped you get a good idea of what you can expect on your journey. And if you are in need of potential CA and accountants, then you can visit the AVC India site.  You can expect professional and trained accountants waiting for you to help you with their services.