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Project Financing

We are well established as one of the trusted Providers of Services Regarding dealing in various financial products which include a Feasibility study; Project Financing & implementation by arranging finance for Businessmen, Traders, Corporate and Exporters etc. We have contact with Banks, Financial Institution & Various funding agencies for the funding process. Our Services Help to clients in financing long term Infra-structure & various other commercial projects.

We are assisted in Obtaining finance from the bank by way of:-


  • Working Capital Finance
  • Cash Credit limit
  • Overdraft limit
  • Terms loan

The various financial products are as under:

1: Unsecured Corporate Loan
2: Loan Syndication for Bigger Projects/Expansion Plan etc.
3: Takeover by Banks/Financial Institution
4: Packing Credit Loan, Letter of Credit for Importer & Exporter
5: Bank Guarantee
6: Loan against Property
7: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
8: Foreign Private Equity and Venture Capital
9: Preparation of Project Reports, Formation of Company and Allied Services
10: Non Fund Based Products Facilities
11: Letter of credit
12: Funding for Real estate Business